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Universal Custom Picture Framing (ART or ART) provides custom digital picture frames in Los Angeles, CA. We are your one-stop your source for custom framing needs. We can create custom digital picture frames in a variety of designs, sizes and colors. There are many samples to choose from. Custom framing offers a different level of charm that is evident for all to see.
Your life is made up of exquisite moments. Happiness is reliving those moments that made your heart soar. These moments need to be displayed where they can be relived or shared at any moment, and not bound between the covers in an album that lay on shelves covering dust or at the back of your closet in a box. Using beautiful digital picture frames provides easy access to those moments. Choose from the many styles available to express yourself.
Custom digital picture frames make great gift items that speak of thoughtfulness. For Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and for almost any other occasion when you just want to convey the message that you care or are thinking about someone special to you, give a digital picture frame that best represents the receiver. These novel gift ideas can even be the perfect gifts to say ‘I am sorry’. Why give an ordinary store bought gift that many others have received? By giving a custom digital picture frame as a gift, you are adding a special thoughtful touch that is more special than the most expensive gift you can give. It is a gift from the heart.
Universal Custom Picture Framing (ART or ART)  in Los Angeles, CA, are certified framing experts who offer a high quality service that exceeds customer satisfaction. We also offer top quality affordable bulk picture frames for those of you who have many visual memories frozen in time.

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